Widespread Natural Museum

The bio holiday farm Torre Colombaia has been active since 1987, with 100 acres of forest which have been preserved largely unchanged over the centuries and with 60 acres of organic farming; the whole area, a wildlife oasis for repopulation and capture, was included in the SCI (Sites of Community Interest) of Natura 2000 network.

The Widespread Natural Museum originated from a work of photographic documentation and assessment of environment, collected and processed in throughout the years, which led to a complete cataloging of fauna and flora and an analysis of the different habitats in the area. All the material produced, thanks to the work of specialists in the field, is the main theme of our Widespread Museum project.

The project included works on the built heritage already used or not yet recovered, with particular attention to biobuilding techniques.
The Widespread Natural Museum also aims to an educational-cultural use that develops, by valuing the local culture, sensitivity and dissemination of good environmental practices.

At the beginning of November 2018, the farm Torre Colombaia, together with the group which created The Torre Colombaia Naturalistic Ecomuseum, started a fund raising campaign on the platform Produzioni dal basso  in order  to finance the printing of an in-depth guidebook illustrating the work carried out by the above quoted Ecomuseum. Help us to spread the word about our project which is aimed at protecting this natural enviroment and the enhancement and safeguarding of Torre Colombaia’s ancient woodland, an oasis of biodiversity in the Umbrian countryside.

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