The Pond


The Pond of Torre Colombaia, a “box” of biodiversity!
In the earth of the deciduous oak-woodlands of Torre Colombaia is fund a small but also very biologically rich pond. This is characterized as having a rainy water for a long enough period each year to support aquatic plants and many wildlife.
There are four main groups of hydrophytes (or aquatic plants) that found in this pond: submerged water plants (this type of vegetation is found completely underwater), floating water plants, emergent water plants and finally trees and shrubs loving the very wet soils (as like willows and poplars).
The fauna is also very rich in the pond. Insects and invertebrates can be submerged in the water or soil, on the surface, and in the atmosphere. Many aquatic Vertebrates live in this particular environment as like Smooth newt (Triturus vulgaris), Pool frog (Rana bergeri) , Italian tree frog (Hyla intermedia), Grass snake (Natrix natrix), and numerous waterfowls, principally migrants but also some breeding-resident species.