The widespread natural museum project originated when Alfredo (with regard to farming) and Stefania (with respect to the holiday farm) met the naturalist Angelo Barili and nature photographer Raffaello Pellizzon, the architect Sussanna Castellet y Ballarà and the engineer Ginevra Becchetti, Flor Olivares Felix, the sound designer Vincent Roudaut and Valentina Fasola.
The idea of the widespread natural museum originated from friendship and a shared vision of the way they look at the world. The museum was created by working together for a few years and fielding different and complementary expertise, aiming at choosing environmentally conscious interventions and environmentally friendly values that have always characterized the history of Torre Colombaia.
The collaboration that has also given rise to the creation of our website originated from the encounter and friendship with the naturalist photographer Raffaello Pellizzon. The work he did, thanks to his watchful eye, by photographing the forest in different seasons, early in the morning, in the evening or during the day, was a key element to tell the environment of the Torre Colombaia forest to those who have never been there yet.
The project of the Widespread Natural Museum, freely accessible by the public, was created by Azienda Torre Colombaia thanks to funding of the RDP for Umbria 2007-2013.
All interventions were placed in areas open to the public and made using low environmental impact techniques, in line with the biological address of the farm and its belonging to the SIC aria (Sereni-Torricella woods) the project aimed at enhancing and protecting the natural and environmental heritage of the area.

Staff for the Widespread Natural Museum:
Alfredo Fasola Bologna: Owner and Commisioner
Dr. Francesca Di Marco: Grant writer
arch. Susanna Castellet y Ballarà: General Director of Project and director of architecure
Stefania Floridi: In charge of general and environment plan
Ing. Ginevra Becchetti: Engineer of ecological design
Dr. Mauro Frattegiani: Cartographer for project
Angelo Barili: Naturalist ( CAMS – University of Perugia
Raffaello Pellizzon: Naturalist and photographer
Jean-François Lerasle: Graphic designer
Flor Olivares Felice: Graphic designer and audio for ecological tour
Valentina Fasola Bologna: Audio for ecological tour
Vincent Roudaut: Audio Design

Donors of supplies:
Zweinstein Costruzioni di Valerio Marchioni: Ecological Construction and carpentry
Botanika di L. Laliccia e D. Vaselli: Construction of safe sighting shed
Otus studio fotografico di Raffaello Pellizzon & C.: Printed information panels and donated audio supplies.