Our Philosophy

Torre Colombaia originates from a political commitment by the current owners in the ’80s in Rome, with the “collective” Paciamoci (to blocks missiles in Comiso, or the Plant in Montalto di Castro).
Visiting the property of the current farm at 10 km. from Perugia, which has been inherited from Alfredo’s grandparents, a question naturally arose:
“Why, in addition to our environmental-pacifist commitment at a political level, do not we do something environmental at the practical level, starting saving this territory from filthiness and contaminations, by converting it and converting ourselves to organic farming?”.
At that time almost nobody even talked about it. Therefore, at the beginning it was mainly an ideological and adventurous choice. But at its base there was also a prophetic intuition, and fortunate one, too, about what would in the following decades be the food consumption trend in Italy and in Europe towards biological, partly as a result of the continuous and repeated food scandals.
And then we turned to the newborn AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture), that – together with the first Italian man specialized in organic farming, Ivo Totti, helped us, as we were completely inexperienced, to convert these fields and these woods to an eco- friendly and organic approach, starting from oats, wheat, clover and alfalfa to clean up the soil.