Our Organic Restaurant

cucina«Food and farming art the front and back of one body. It is clearer than firelight that if natural farming is not practiced natural food will not be available to the public. But if natural diet is not established the farmer will remain confused about what to grow.
Unless people become natural people, there can be neither natural farming nor natural food. In one of the huts on the mountain I left the words «Right Food, Right Action, Right Awareness» inscribed on a pinewood plaque above the fireplace. If one is missing, none can be realized. If one is realized, all are realized.
People complacently view the world as a place where «progress» grows out of turmoil and confusion. But purposeless and destructive development invites confusion of thought, invites nothing less than the degeneration and collapse of humankind. If it is not clearly understood what the non-moving source of all activity is – what nature is – it will be impossible to recover our health.»

Masanobu Fukuoka – La rivoluzione del filo di paglia


In the Cerreto farmhouse there are the restaurant and the kitchen of the farm where for many years we have been preparing breakfasts, lunches and dinners for our guests.
The wisdom of our cooks will allow you to enjoy the delights of Umbrian cuisine, ranging among the various culinary cultures of our peninsula. Unless we are specifically asked for something else, the focus of our cuisine is always on the marriage of flavor and lightness, including nutritional intelligence and culinary pleasures.
The bio-restaurant uses the highest quality organic product grown on the farm itself (barley, common and durum wheat, sunflower oil, linseed oil, lentils, millet and other genres grown in rotation and following the seasons) or on surrounding organic farms.

On request we also cook vegan and vegetarian menus, as well as special dishes for those with celiac disease or who are intolerant to other foods.
For special occasions we use also the old wood stove near the farmhouse, where we bake round pizzas, cast-iron baked cakes (typical Umbrian flat bread) and bread made with our flour and risen with our sourdough.

You can try our products also in an organic restaurant in Perugia “Al Mangiar Bene”.


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