Bread Wheat


In summer, after ploughing or ripping and then extirpating (to get smaller plates) the ground, after the previous threshing, at the beginning of November, we sow about 2 hundred kilograms of well selected seeds per hectare.
The seed is ours, from the previous year’s crop. The wheat variety is the bolero, but in 2014 we are also trying other ancient Italian grains:
in collaboration with and funded by Parco Tecnologico dell’Umbria [Technology Park of Umbria]. With such wheat we also produce a whole wheat flour “made by an Italian mix of ancient grains” that are, according to the latest research by the Department of Agriculture, University of Florence, much more rich in vitamins and minerals compared to modern wheat (Prof. Stefano Benedettelli
Then we fertilize with 10 tons of manure cover per hectare, going over the land in January-February with the harrow tines to mechanically pull up (without the use of chemical herbicide) newborn weeds with mini-leaves without damaging the already 10 centimetres high wheat.
Finally, in early July we thresh and put wheat in the silo, sealed under nitrogen for 48 hours, to kill larvae and eggs of possible bugs.

The wheat grains, sold as it is, first go through our grader to take away impurities and the seeds of weeds that in threshing are mixed with good seeds (not being eliminated by chemicals).
Next, to get the whole wheat flour, we mill it with our wood stone mill, manufactured in Austria. The flour is then also passed through the cheesecloth if you want to sift in order to obtain a type “2” semi-wholemeal flour.
Instead, to obtain type “0” flour, we must bring our grain to the biological cylinders mill outside our farm.
Finally, to keep this flour, we put them in 10 or 25 kg sacks and store them in our cell-fridge.

As it is well known to all nutritionists, whole wheat flour contains 4 times more fibre than “0” flour and many more vitamins and minerals than the latter.
In particular, the stone-ground flour keeps the very precious wheat germ, which is instead expelled by “0” flour. 
For more info see Google “benefits of whole wheat flour.”